Quick and Easy Ways to Find Phone Number Owner

If you searched with a landline phone number, you'll find the owner's basic contact information.

A reverse phone lookup is a quick search that takes any phone number and returns the name and address of the person who owns it. Reverse phone lookup can be rightly called a phone number people search. An unknown number is a giant question mark.

Find Who Owns Cell Phone Number - If you are looking for information on someone who keeps calling you then our reverse phone lookup service can give you the details you need. Being able to enter the phone number and find out who owns the phone is called number lookup.

Our complete phone number directory is always up-to-date. Plus, our easy-to-use site gives you instant results, making your phone number lookup as convenient as it is helpful. Find the name, address, and other pertinent background info about a phone number’s owner.

Find Name By Phone Number

Finding the owner of a cell phone number is tricky, since these numbers are not listed in public databases. 

At one time, most landline phone numbers were listed in phone books, and you could easily go from the name of a person or business to a phone number simply by flipping through a book. Books called reverse phone directories allowed you to look up phone numbers and find who owned them, provided the numbers were listed, and some also provided names by looking up an address.

Have you ever received a call from an unknown number and wondered who it was? Maybe you missed the call or wanted to know who it was before you called back. We all have those unknown calls that we just don’t want to answer, but sometimes we’re just curious about who was on the other line.

Most of us have used a site such as Yellowpages or whitepages to search company or residential phone numbers by name, but what about the various reverse phone lookup sites? Do they work? Are they accurate, and what are the costs?

If you can't find the information you want using a phone number lookup tool, try typing the number into a traditional search engine such as Google or Bing. You might find the number listed on a personal or business website or in some other online directory.

Consider trying variations on writing the phone number, such as putting the area code in parentheses and separating it from the rest of the number with hyphens. Check multiple search engines to see if one has information that others don't.

Phone Numbers


  • 217-412-0173
    Michael Cinker is using this number as a fraudulent number! The real owner of the number is aware of his shenanigans
  • 770-875-1287
    Lee keeps sending text messages in groups of 10/20 people.. We all keep texting stop.. 770-875-1287 Does not care and I can't block the number
  • 508-864-6454
    There were so many bad reviews online that I decided to play a game and see if it was true. He thought I fell for the fake $1000 offer and was begging me to be on my way. He even tried calling to talk to me lol I was like oh yeah here I am on my way. Once he thought I was near Worcester he disappeared just like they all say he does. I loved playing him at his own game.
  • 508-864-6454
    508-864-6454 Piece of crap scam scumbag. Do not even talk to this liar. Sends you miles in promises of A lot of money only to disappear.
  • 480-410-2719
    You did not help me You are a Fraud i just wanted to know the person name an last name from the number i enter also address you do not did anything for me i need You to cancel my membership please R now
  • 951-486-0679
    This phone number belongs to Patricia Ann Robinson, Patricia Marshall Robinson, or Pattie Robinson or Veronica Jewell Robinson, or Marcus Robinson
  • 520-488-7866
    This number was on our phone bill and also in his phone logs as well as saved. She was sleeping with my fiancee.. And she hid when I tried to talk to her. Cowards.
  • 614-209-0872
    Called spouting about her retail jewelry, and political bias for a wall, and her business's support of the wall.
  • 408-620-3389
    when asked what kind of company they were, alex said "we handle many kinds of 'personal matters' maam." did not disclose much more.
  • 909-845-1613
    You do not seem to have any info on eather my aunt. Or. My. Cousin, everything. Is a unknown my aunt is deceased My cousin ??? Found on anoughter. Sight. She lives in. Vista ca I'm. Going to call. You. To cancel. This. Service.
  • 209-577-0846
    Thius report says i am married .They need tocorrect that because I have never been maried is someone claiming to be my wife and living off of my stolen shou shu insurance diploma if so the have been doing that since about 2002 when my diploma was stolen.if so i am pissed about it
  • 757-276-0013
    I keep receiving calls from this number and no one leaves a message. I do not know who it is and do not answer a call of a number I do not know.
  • 551-313-7560
    This person who said his name was Chris, was texting me through an online sale on eBay. He wanted me to purchase a Google play gift card and was going to pay me directly through PayPal instead of eBay. When I asked for his first and last name he only replied Chris. He was acting very suspicious and when I threatened to call off the whole deal if he didn't provide his last name, he never responded again. Now that I see this number is a landline, I suspect fraud.
  • 608-322-7420
    This person contacted me on OKCupid with pictures from the internet. Sadly, I didn't find out until after I had exchanged numbers with him. Says his name is Todd, from Janesville, 36, works at the Janesville Country Club, and is a chef. Very charismatic, smooth talking, and almost believable.
  • 951-233-9111
    Got a call from them about “lowering my interest rates” I told the guy I wasn’t trying to make minimum payments he said “yeah right get the fuck outta here you piece of shit and hung up”
  • 205-530-5488
    This service is not useful at all. The only information provided on this report is the telephone number. No name of owner. No name of Carrier. No address.........basically useless.
  • 410-252-1960
    All the people of Ramaswamy family living in usA are involved with extremist groups like al Jazeera who want to harm usa
  • 508-264-1836
    This guy is so annoying literally texts everyday asking for pics has no intent of ever meeting total waste of time
  • 718-872-7623
    No good information. You aren't serious peoples Its impossible see name and adress of my friend. Is name is frank and arons arons i dont know who is. Bad work and i spend $ 1 for anything.
  • 916-516-8248
    Received automated call stating that for being such a great American Express customer, I'm entitled to some vacation package. I don't have American Express. Spam and possibly a phishing scam as well.
  • 916-425-3415
    Received text message stating "Alert for EBT card beginning with 5077. Please call 916-425-3415." Definitely a scam.
  • 916-425-3415
    Got a message telling me that there was an alert or a card ending in 5077, and to call this number. Obviously a scam.
  • 916-425-3415
    Just received the same text "Alert for EBT card beginning with 5077. Please call 916-425-3415". Like like a SPAM/scam message since at least 1 other person so far has received the exact same message.
  • 217-816-2609
    This is fraud! I ran my own phone number that iv had over 4 years and your records gave me a strangers name. Nothing is coming back accurate!!!
  • 612-209-9114
    This was a bunch of bullshit of a scam.you had no information on who called me.give me my money back,name not on file,after you lead me believe you could tell me who called,happy new year you scammed another senior citizen out of pension money .very bad karma on you.so sorry this is your lively hood . Metta
  • 470-292-1177
    again, I've paid good money for you to trace this number, and I get nothing. NOTHING. It's an ATT account and gezus mary and joseph, you can't provide any information on the owner, phone type, etc.? Why did i bother to pay for this service?
  • 470-232-4865
    How can you not have a carrier name on file? I know this is an ATT account, and paid you to find more information on it, and you have none...and no name? Well, try Patri Donaldson, which is how I was lead to you. Patri is probably short for Patrick... get with it!
  • 980-434-1425
    Before I paid for the subscription, the search said that it had results for the phone number I was searching. After I paid, it says there's no results.
  • 810-217-9118
    Bad person. Makes commitments and doesn't keep them. Lies about everything to get what he wants.
  • 615-900-8040
    This person made a fraudulent call to another account now want answer to identify themself; and this service is unable to give me a legitimate name or address.
  • 512-335-0560
    I paid $3.99 to find who was beside phone number that keeps calling our house. Yet Infotracer shown no name, no phone number, and no address. I can figure the “512” is central Texas, but I would to know who is the idiot who keeps hanging up during the day and night. Agh, I threw goog money away for this?!
  • 213-944-1643
    So..... i was charged for a report that says no name, no address, no phone carrier info was found. great. thanks.
  • 816-223-7824
    Answered the phone, no one replied, but could hear some background noise a couple of times as if they muted and unmuted. Spam freakin caller!!
  • 843-956-7574
    this was a call from a scammer trying to obtained funds because of a fake profile on POF .The person was posing a 40-50 years, then send nude photos and the naked me for the same. Next day a man posing as her father claimed she was 15 years old and treated me with the police. He wanted $400 from me to pay for medical bills for his daughter who had nervous break down for being caught.
  • 843-855-2240
    This was a guy with a heavy India accent. Called at 5:30 AM!!!!!!!! He hung up when I asked what the call was about. Beyond livid that these people are calling at ridiculous hours....and after all of that, just to hang up!!!! They need to be reported, this is absolutely illegal!!!! Telemarketers are not allowed to call ANYONE before 9:00 AM.
  • 301-801-4419
    phone number being used for promotion and solicitation of car warranty policies repeatedly. When I called the number back a woman answered saying this was her cell phone and had been since she came to the United States.
  • 312-800-8900
    I called this number back on a nontraceable number. It's a crazy male ranting about some woman coming after you. DO NOT ANSWER.
  • 202-844-8961
    I callled my sister and it showed that I dieled her, then I noticed it said Washington, DC and realized the area code was 202. This was the number that I called but yet it wasn't my sister number
  • 720-220-3318
    This is my phone number and it does not belong to the people listed, please remove it from this listing
  • 510-207-0789
    Got a text saying "Alert for EBT card beginning with ####, call 5102070789" The EBT card number was not one that I recognized. This is very likely a scam.
  • 662-279-6395
    I received a robotics call from this number to lower credit card interest. Very irritating to keep getting these calls from local numbers
  • 310-612-3689
    I am tired of requesting information on here and not getting any results. I also paid and it asks me to renew my membership. What is the issue. Email me back with a answer. [email protected]